Mikalya Balwin
Greg Betts
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Rock Forms Bicheno - David Tayor
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Coastline Bicheno - David Tayor
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Richard Wotton, Parapara Hills 2009.jpg
Varna S Tharayil
Hamilton Ngapo

2020 Artists

Richard Wotton    Artist

Mikayla Baldwin    Winner of Student Art Award

Jai Tui    Winner of Student Art Award

Vana Tharayil    Abstract Acrylic-Resin and Alcohol Ink

David Taylor    Abstract Water Colour Artist

Mere Keating    Flax Weaver and Hat Maker

Chloe O`Leary    Wild Life Sketches

Jenny Kenny     Small Installations

Tim Minnell    Artist

Maurice Fitzgerald    Artist

Hamilton Ngapo Carver

David Chadwick Songsmith

Franzeska Pound Artist

Charles Bagnall fine woodworking

Radha Sahar Artist - twisted canvas with contemporary weaving

2020 Whanganui Heritage Month

The twin kilns gallery will be open during the annual Whanganui Heritage Month.

This year the event will be held on the 24th, 25th, 26th October 2020. 

The studio will be open between

10am - 4.30pm.  

Bricksticks Furniture is open all year.


For more information for artists featuring at the Twin Kilns Gallery:

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